Pryor – March 29th pre-lunch

With the only Friday/Saturday with no middle school track meet scheduled for the next month, I decided I should run over to both the Pryors and the North Fork Shoshone for a day each.  The excitement of Kelly’s new foal also had my hopes high that some one would have had an early foal.  With Thursday’s meet cancelled, I drove over and camped in a spot up Burnt Timber I figured I could scan for horses from in the morning.

I woke up on Friday and did not see any horses in the early morning light.  I decided to continue up the road and check some of the usual spots.  Since the ground was still hard from overnight, I was able to sneak around Wilderness Study(henceforth WS) Hill with one wheel on snow and one near the edge.  I stopped before a possibly passable snow stretch where the closed wilderness road comes out and decided to walk up to Cheyenne Flats.  It was a fortunate choice, or I may have missed 2 groups.  Off to the left on an arm was Galaxy’s, but I noticed Doc’s in the WS area and decided to visit them first.  While I was able to get pictures, with the lower light the were not as good as the ones I got when I saw his group twice later in the day.

Leaving Doc’s band, I followed a horse trail over to Galaxy’s.  Being scattered throughout the brush, they decided to gather closer.


Limerick and Maia joining the group


Galaxy’s band

Unlike the last time I saw them when they wanted left alone, they were very curious today (as were most of the horses, which I will cover later).  Malaki sat fairly patiently as the horses came a little closer to check us out.





Not wanting to disturb them too much, I walked back to the road and continued up to Cheyenne Flats.  I did not see any horses on the top, I decided to check both the first arm to the left and the guzzler.  While heading down the first arm, I saw 3 horses a little below me.  When I reached them I found Inali, Knight and Hamlet.  I never saw Hernando, but he will probably be back with them eating the road on the flats soon, if he isn’t busy with a family this year.


Inali, Knight and Hamlet

As with Galaxy, the bachelors were very curious.  Inali approached closer than I liked, so I retreated around a juniper.  As he kept pursuing, I maneuvered through a small gap and they decided to leave me alone as they went back to eating.


Inali keeping a (too) close eye on me

Finding the guzzler empty, I made my way back to my FJ. Right before it I was able to get better pictures of Doc’s band.


I hope not… (immature humor)


Demure and Mandan


Doc 3-13

The morning was starting to warm up, fueling my desire to round the hill before the edges got soft and the snow got slushy.  As I neared the WS picnic area, Jackson was on the road.  I stopped for a while to let his group move up the hill and then continued to the picnic area before walking back to see them.  I was hoping I would find them because I had not seen Firestorm with him my last time out, but had heard she was back from Ginger’s visit.


Jackson 3-13


Firestorm 3-13


Jackson’s partial

While watching them move slowly through the trees, I noticed Teton’s group further down and arm, and what looked to be Cloud’s group spread apart toward the bottom of the arms. Having seen both groups fairly recently, I decided to hike to the ridge between BT and Sykes to see if it was worth hiking to the other side.  It was my first time travelling to the top of that ridge, although I had been to the bottom to see some horses before.  From the ridge I was only able to see 2 groups.  I ate my lunch as I decided whether to make the hike or not.  With the weather uncertain and no foals that I could tell, I decided to head back to the FJ to continue my search on this side of the range.   I will continue that story in the next blog installment.


Sykes group 1 – I believe Horizon, Juniper, Fiesta


Sykes group 2- Must be Bolder’s because I think I see Killian


HS poem ( and old picture)











      Brain can’t think.



                 Pains in Ink.



                            It was seen.



                                       This I mean.



                                                 Inside you tore.



                                                             Beats no more.



                                                                        Taste the tears.



                                                                                     My worst fears.



                                                                                                You overlooked romance.      



                                                                                                One more chance.


Painted woman and the panderer?


You should see her, she’s beautiful.
I’ll try to see her.
She’s worth it.

The exponential equation begins,
a friend tells a friend,
word of mouth advertising.
A pyramid scheme inadvertently masterminded:
the pimping of my love.
First one, then a dozen, hundreds…
Eventually thousands, maybe millions…
When does enough become too much?

The more people that walk through her forest,
delve into her canyons,
seek the enjoyment of her peaks;
The more money that flows like rivers,
allowing her to be pampered and primped,
permitting her to maintain her beauty for others.

So many penetrations degrade her.
She becomes used and worn.
The paths people travel in and out are widened,
vibrating metal beasts are permitted to allow more enjoyment,
screams of delight are heard as boys discover her pleasures.
Couples sleep within her arms.
Some avoid the frequented and explore her back country,
search for new crevices and devise new uses.

Eventually she loses some of her appeal.
Younger, less visited become desired as she once was.
She still receives regular customers,
but they will never know her pureness
as those that first tasted her waters.
To drink from her waters now brings disease.

The money she brings in can ease her pain,
justify the use of her body,
cosmetically enhance and rejuvenate her.
Yet it is impossible to return to her virgin days,
before man knew her.
Nor does she desire it.
She was born beautiful and to be admired.
Once she was set down her path by the first pimp,
it was a destiny that she could not escape.
As one pimp moves on, another replaces.
It is not your fault Lewis, Clark, Muir, Ansel, Wolfe, Meunch…
It was inevitable.

Sometimes I wish I could have my love all to myself…

Maybe I would show others pictures of her beauty…
I am proud of her and want to show her off.
But now I am the pimp…




I saw a weed,
I needed to pull out;
I’d get it tomorrow,
I had no doubt.
The next day came,
the lake looked great.
When I finished fishing,
it was very late.
The days went by,
the weed slowly grew;
it was knee high
before I knew.
No need to worry,
it soon would be dead.
Then came the wind
all its seeds spread.
I put off chores,
day after day;
when weather’s warm,
it’s more fun to play.
Briars, thorns and brambles,
whole yard gone to seed,
my house is in shambles,
springing from one weed.

The Sunset

The Sunset


As you watch I begin to evolve,
striving to reach my full potential,
to be the best you have seen.

Some color creeps in suggestively.
Then in the blink of an eye,
I ignite your sky.
Sodium orange and barium yellows,
blended strontium, lithium and calcium reds,
muted pastels of potassium peach-purple.
To most a monochromatic event,
you notice every subtle shade I show.


I beam as I reflect in your eyes,
showing you something spectacular.
Between blinding sun and dark night,
you pause to admire me, to make me yours.
As quick as I caught your attention
my tones are overtaken by the blackness.

All that is left of me is in your smile,
and in your memory.
The day passes and I can never return.


Your eyes shall gaze upon new sunsets.
They will bring enjoyment, too.
Yet that fleeting moment, you were lost in me.

When the skies are gray, and the wind cold,
remember the warmth I brought to your face,
and smile like you did that day.


Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

I have decided to at least look at maintaining a blog. It would be the potpourri category on Jeopardy. I will try to categorize and tag the separate ideas since some may only be interested in specific topics. The main writings will be about nature (probably heavier on the wild horse side), photography, bible lessons, science and maybe some old poetry. At times the lines will blur and posts may cover all at once.