SLC anomaly – Crook Mountain

It has been quite some time since I have written a blog post.  Part of this is due to moving last summer and getting the house ready to sell.  Another factor would be my dedication of time to a game called Ingress.  If you look it up and join, go Enlightened (green).  Last of all, while I did manage some trips to see horses or Yellowstone and even new places like Teddy Roosevelt, I ended up either just putting the pictures directly on or a lot have still not even been converted from NEF. They were ok, but I didn’t have much to say about them and have no internet ( just hotspot from my phone).

So here is the first post in a while and most of it will be pictures without much commentary.  For those that don’t follow ingress, it will mainly be at the start.  I will add that with more time this summer, I have been able to mix my trips in to include both Ingress, and photography and camping.  While most of the pictures in this post and the next will be wild horses, the trip was centered around an anomaly in SLC  (Enlightened won) in which I tried GoRuck Urban for the first time ( we won 4-0).  My path there allowed me to both see the things I enjoy and hit some remote portals to try and help prevent a field over SLC for the anomaly. At the same time 2 teammates were doing the same from southern Utah.  It ended up looking like rails, but we had no plan that I know of to field.


The anchor under the M is at Baroil and an entrance to the Green Mountain horse herd.  I did not get on the closest roads to Green Mountain, so I did not see any horses in that stretch.  It comes out at Crooks Gap, where I turned up Crooks Mountain and was rewarded with both wildflowers and quite a few of the Crooks Mountain herd.


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