Considering the immense size of the world,
it seems improbable that we should meet,
much less connect with each other.
Yet we did,
and we became one.
A land unto ourselves.
Not separate from the rest,
because there was no world outside of us.
Pangaea – entire Earth

We drifted apart so slow,
it is understandable we did not notice.
3-6 inches per year.
Our size dwarfing these small distances.

But the seemingly insignificant spans
added to each other year after year,
until a rift formed between us
and we split-             apart.
You, Laurasia, making your way north.

I, Gondwana, moved to the south…

Since our break-up, we have both gone to pieces.
When we do cross paths,
the encounter produces eruptions and earthquakes.

Experts say it is possible we may come back together,
(in maybe 250 million years or so)
which leaves me to wonder:
what life will remain in either of us
by the time we do?


The balloon


With every breath you breathe,
internal molecules vibrate faster,
average kinetic energy rises.
You fill me and I grow,
becoming something greater,
expanding to my limit,
testing the tensile strength of my being,
so full of excited atoms I could burst.
Decreased density sends me soaring.

 When you let go,
I lose my direction .
An amorphous mass,
laying lifeless on the floor.
I have nothing left inside.

 My volume is up to you.
I can neither magnify myself,
nor stop deflation,
Unless you tie the knot 

Put your lips against me,
usher forth your breath of life
and fill me again.


The Sunset

The Sunset


As you watch I begin to evolve,
striving to reach my full potential,
to be the best you have seen.

Some color creeps in suggestively.
Then in the blink of an eye,
I ignite your sky.
Sodium orange and barium yellows,
blended strontium, lithium and calcium reds,
muted pastels of potassium peach-purple.
To most a monochromatic event,
you notice every subtle shade I show.


I beam as I reflect in your eyes,
showing you something spectacular.
Between blinding sun and dark night,
you pause to admire me, to make me yours.
As quick as I caught your attention
my tones are overtaken by the blackness.

All that is left of me is in your smile,
and in your memory.
The day passes and I can never return.


Your eyes shall gaze upon new sunsets.
They will bring enjoyment, too.
Yet that fleeting moment, you were lost in me.

When the skies are gray, and the wind cold,
remember the warmth I brought to your face,
and smile like you did that day.